Family History Buff Giveaway

giveawayAny family history buffs on your Christmas list? I’m giving away a book from my Family History Mystery series along with one of the most useful tools I’ve found in working with old photos and other artifacts, a 30x loupe magnifier. And since we need not give up style as we sort through dusty boxes, it is suspended on a handmade kumihimo beaded braid and chain from Nine Stories HIgh To enter like this post (1 entry), comment on the post (2 entries) or best of all share (3 entries) by midnight Tuesday, December 15.

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1 Response to Family History Buff Giveaway

  1. Diana A Livingston Ingersoll says:

    I enjoy genealogy even though I have a huge brick wall. While searching I discovered a 6 came to America from Ireland as an indentured servant for five years, (to pay for passage). He received food and clothing for two years, after that his mother was responsible for his clothing. She was living destitute in Ireland!
    I enjoy your well written and enchanting narrative.

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