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I finally got around to writing a series of questions (download below) that I hope will prompt discussion for the first book in my Family History Mystery series, PAGING THE DEAD.  To mark this accomplishment I’m going to give away a book club package-six copies of the book along with the guides.  If your book club is looking for the next book please enter to win.  Leave a comment below for one chance, follow this site for another chance, and hop on over to FB for a third chance. I’ll pick a winner at random on June 25.

Also, if you know a group of people who might be interesting in FORMING a book club with you (especially if they’re family history buffs already), this would be a good opportunity for you to get that going.  Summer’s a great time for reading and for getting together with friends!

Paging the Dead by Brynn Bonner guide

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Family History Mystery Giveaway

Two books contest

I’ve been thinking about a new storyline for my genealogist protag Sophreena and her quirky assistant, Esme.  While I’ve been cogitatin’ about it I finished off a new Kumihimo braided necklace with a 30x jewelers’ loupe pendant.  This little gizmo comes in so handy for examining scribbling on the back of photographs, details on the photos themselves or the confoundingly ornate scripts on old documents.

I’m giving this one away, along with the first two books in my Family History Mystery series.  To enter just like this post (1 entry) and/or make a comment telling me your most interesting family history discovery (2 entries).  Giveaway ends February 28, 2017.

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Family History New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year’s resolutions seem to be recycled most years: lose weight, exercise, get organized spend more quality family time and work on family history. I’m a realist, I’ll play the percentages 🙂

I’m trying to practice what I preach and actually DO the exercises I recommend over at my 5-Minute Family History blog.  Hope you’ll find some of them useful as well.  There’s a new prompt up today.

And if you need a break from the work, or you’re snowed in like me, you might want to try out one of my Family History Mysteries.  Each book in the four-book series (so far) stands alone, but you might want to read them in order to really get to see the characters and their relationships grow.  The order is:  Book 1, PAGING THE DEAD; Book 2, DEATH IN REEL TIME; Book 3, PICTURE THEM DEAD and Book 4, DEAD IN A FLASH, which is available at a reduced price right now.

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Sweet Tea!

I hope I’ll have the chance to meet some of you family historians and/or mystery fans at this library event next month.  I think it will be a bit like speed-dating for writers as we visit each table in succession.  Should be a fun event.  

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Happy Book-Birthday to DEAD IN A FLASH, the 4th in my FAMILY HISTORY MYSTERY series. Today’s the official pub date!small cover DIAF

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Two books contest

To celebrate the publication of the fourth book in my Family Mystery History series, DEAD IN A FLASH, due out on August 30, I’m giving away the the first two books in the series, PAGING THE DEAD and DEATH IN REEL TIME, along with one of my favorite genealogy tools, a 30X magnifier loupe.  This one is a bit fancy.  It’s a folding pendant on a handmade Kumihimo beaded cord attached to a long silver-toned chain.  This way you can be fashionable as you work on identifying those old family photos.  If you’d like to receive this package just leave a comment below.

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Special Delivery

small cover DIAFIt’s a great feeling when you can finally hold a book you’ve labored over for long weeks, months (or years) in your hands.  My author’s copies of DEAD IN A FLASH, the fourth in my Family History Mystery Series, came in the mail yesterday.

I set out writing this series because I hoped it might lead some people, who happen to love to read mysteries, to become interested in researching their own family histories.  And judging by the feedback on the series I think that’s come to pass for a good number of readers.  That makes me happy.

DEAD IN A FLASH will be officially released on August 30, 2016.

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The Queen of Mystery

Hope to meet some of you at this event at the NC State Theater on Saturday evening before the tribute to Agatha Christie.



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Who Doesn’t Love a Sale?

small front cover DIAF

The fourth installment in my Family History Mystery series, called DEAD IN A FLASH is discounted for preorder right now over at Amazon.

This one was fun to write.  I got to “meet” a politician, in the form of one of my main characters, who was a good guy and a courtly, dignified man.  Great that fiction allows you things you can only wish for in real life.

Finishing this book has given me some time to work on my own family history for a bit.  It’s been a productive few weeks.

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Family History Mystery Series

Galley proofs reviewed and back to my editor for DEATH IN A FLASH, the 4th in my Family History Mystery series.  Fini.small front cover DIAF

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