Sounds Bite in DEAD IN A FLASH-Family History Mystery #4

small front cover DIAFIn the latest book in my Family History Mystery Series (DEAD IN A FLASH, pub 2016) a sound is a clue which helps unravel a decades old mystery.

I purposefully set out to use this sound because of something I experienced. One day as I was waiting for someone on a sidewalk bench (lost in my phone as some of us frequently are these days), I heard this particular sound and it instantly summoned up a whole bundle of memories and feelings.

It was the sound of a Zippo lighter opening, striking and closing. It made me think of my father, but not just in a “brain” way but in a more immediate detailed and emotional remembrance. My Dad was (unfortunately) a smoker when I was a child and the sound of that lighter was something that assured me he was nearby. And it usually meant he was relaxed, as he didn’t generally smoke while he was working. So it’s a comforting sound to me.

This got me thinking about how important familiar sounds are in our daily lives and how infrequently we think to preserve those in our family history narratives. Like smell, hearing is a strong trigger for memories.

Come on over to Five Minute Family History to read the full post and share a sound that triggers a memory for you



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