Kind Words

[In “Rushing Water, Damage Done”] “…the story grew into an intriguing conflict, and [Witchger’s] failure to triumph over Roy for attention drew me in. My favorite line was what her confidant Sandy says to her: ‘Give it up. You can’t compete with a dead Daddy.’ I also admired the way the ending turned back to the image of the flood of water that began the story and took me into an awareness of that as a psychological metaphor. All in all, a story that reveals many of the writer’s considerable skills at captivating a reader.”
-John Bensko, University of Memphis

“[The Promise of a Sweet Life is] a classic and very effective ‘initiation story.'” And the dialogue is wonderful throughout.” -Lee Smith

[Of “Sanctifying Grace”] “…the writing quality, the use of characterization as plot, was outstanding.” -Henry Slesar

Online Reviews

Radio interview about Tar Heel Dead
This broadcast of WUNC’s The State of Things aired on 6/13/05.

Review of Blondes in Trouble
Reviewer John A. Mangarella says of “Mama Says”: “…a different twist as well as a surprise ending.”

Excerpt in Southern Living
This article, “Measure for Measure,” was originally published in Crossroads.


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