Launch day for PAGING THE DEAD


Today is release day for my book PAGING THE DEAD.  Happy to finally have it out there.

I’m very fond of my characters, Sophreena McClure, who is a thirty-something genealogist and her business partner Esme Sabatier, who is a Creole woman “of a certain age.”  Both characters appreciate what family means, but happen to find themselves without one at present, so they make their own, bringing the members of their genealogy group into their little tribe.

Sophreena and Esme’s genealogy service is very successful, due in part to Esme’s secret abilities to receive cryptic messages from the dead.

When one of their wealthy clients is murdered Sophreena and Esme become suspects and act quickly to clear their names and protect their reputations.  But in the small town of Morningside, North Carolina the suspects abound and Sophreena and Esme must delve back into the past to explore the tangled roots of their client’s family tree before then can discover the motive for her death.

I make no claims to being a professional genealogist like Sophreena.   I’m a rank amateur still fumbling around trying to figure how to get the information I want regarding my own family’s gnarly tree.   But this was a fun book to write and I learned some things along the way.  If you give it a try I hope you will, too.

Early reviews:

“Engaging and touching, Paging the Dead digs deep into the heart of family and loves ones: their dreams and disappointments, their highs and lows.  This first novel in a potential series goes beneath the surface of family trees, and gets to the roots of relationships.”   Mystery Scene Magazine

Bonner successfully combines an intriguing cast with the promise of an unfolding romance and a spritz of the paranormal in her winning cozy debut…Sure also to be popular with fans of NBC’s popular genealogy program Who Do You Think You Are? Library Journal

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3 Responses to Launch day for PAGING THE DEAD

  1. Gwyneth Duncan says:

    I enjoyed your book and was pleased to see your theory of scrapbooking. I like my scrapbooks to tell a story. I also scan original pictures and use the copies in my picture albums. I don’t feel so alone anymore!

  2. Brynn says:

    Gwyneth, I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the book and REALLY pleased to hear you like your scrapbooks to tell a story. You are creating treasures for the generations to come!

  3. Carrie says:

    So glad I stumbled across your book in my library new release section. I read it today and thoroughly enjoyed it. As an amateur genealogist, scrapbooker, and lover of mysteries this was great. I look forward to the next installment in the series.

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