In the jingle-jangle morning….audio story available

I am a vinyl lover.   I don’t claim to be a collector, just an accumulator.  I like the size, the look, the feel and the sound of vinyl records. And I love classic rock, though it pains me that it’s now called that.  It seems like only yesterday I was waiting breathlessly for the next CCR album to come out.  It was all happenin’ stuff.

I wrote a story about a young woman named Session Seabolt who shares my appreciation of vinyl.  So much so that she gives up her career as a CPA to open a vinyl collectibles shop.  But Session is never left to enjoy her records in peace.  There’s always a complication that lands her in the middle of a mystery.   My first story featuring Session is now available on audio at  “Jangle” by Brynn Bonner.

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