Dinner with Writer Pals for Diane’s Chamberlain’s latest launch

LtoR: Jo Ann Hoffman, Margaret Maron, Diane Chamberlain, John Pagliuca, Brenda Witchger aka Brynn Bonner, Sarah Shaber, Steve Shaber. Photo by Bob Witchger

Writer-friend Diane Chamberlain has just released her twentieth novel.  Quite a milestone.  A bunch of us celebrated with her as she launched The Midwife’s Confession at Quail Ridge Books & Music in Raleigh this past week.   The book is getting wonderful reviews in both the print sector and in the blogosphere.   I know a bit about it since this group regularly brainstorms plots and concepts and picks through tricky questions of character and motivation during our occasional lunches and writers’ retreat, but I can’t wait to read the finished work.   Diane worked for years as a therapist before she began her writing career, so she knows whereof  she writes about complicated human relationships.  I can only say that she’s as good a writer as she is a friend, and that’s meant as a high compliment indeed!

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