Heading to Ocracoke

I’ll be assisting my friend and fellow writer Sarah Shaber in facilitating a writing workshop for the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching on beautiful Ocracoke Island this week. I’m looking forward to meeting teachers from all over the state for a mystery weekend called “And Then There Were None”. This was the title of a movie based on the Agatha Christie novel Ten Little Indians. It’s about a group of strangers who are invited to a remote island for a holiday and, one by one, meet their end. Ooh, I think I felt a chill…did someone leave a window open in here?

Sarah and I always have fun together and I expect we’ll have a good time and talk a lot about writing and about the mystery genre. I know the O’cockers (natives) will be kind and welcoming to us even if we are dingbatters (people from off-island). The NCCAT has taken over and renovated the old Coast Guard station there so they’ve now become a part of island life. Sarah tells me it’s a lovely facility. Can’t wait to see it for myself.

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